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Heart Shape Floating Candles


Product Specifications:

Pack of 2 Candles

Material: Soy Wax

Dimensions- 6*5.5cm

Operating Time 40 Hours
Material Soy Wax
Brand Chisha
Colour Red, pink, orange
Fragrance Rose, Jasmine, Vintage, Lemon
Quantity 250 ml

Heart Shape Floating Candles-

Product Description: The heart-shaped floating tea lights are a good way to lighten up your home and brighten your occasions! These are Spa Candles, Romance Candles, Dinner Candles, and Valentine Candles. . These are soy wax candles that help in creating a pleasant ambiance anywhere you place them. And, yes these candles are very unique candles.

  • ┬áProviding aromatherapy, creating mood, enhancing atmospheres, and stress relief.
  • Premium candle wick and wax, gently flicker without producing harmful black smoke.
  • Elegantly packaged, a great gift for your friends, especially for newlyweds and new homeowners.
  • Our favorite way to use these tealights is to float them in a glass water bowl along with some flowers, which look good anywhere in your home.
  • Burning Time 24 hours
  • Made in India


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