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Gift Candles

Alphabet Candles
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This Candle is very rare, as these candles have alphabets, pebbles embedded inside. Which makes these candles most gorgeous and can be gifted on any occasion.

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Chisha is bringing you the most unique handmade candles
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We are making handmade candles with quality raw material (Soy wax, natural fragnance), which will give you the extra relaxing environment for meditation.

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Giloy Special Candles

All Natural, Candles with Giloy sticks
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All Natural, More positivity to your home and offices.

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Floating Candles

Floating Candles with Rose, Jasmine, Lemon & Vintage
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Nothing more special than these candles as they will float on water and give you the best fragnances experience.

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New Products

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Infuse your spaces with an aroma to lift your spirits in these hand-poured candles. Premium candle wick and wax, gently flicker without producing harmful black smoke.

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Large Teddy Bear Candle, Cute Teddy Bear, Sculptural Candles, Shaped Decorative Bear Candle, Cute Candle Gift. Unique Candles

floating heart candles 1

The heart-shaped floating tea lights are a good way to lighten up your home and brighten your occasions!

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